Meet The Team

Emmy Wu 吴丹华

Founder & Executive Director

  • MA Leadership and Management in Education

  • Ba Ideological & Political Education

  • Professional International Educator

  • Rich experience teaching in China and the UK

  • Excellent communicator

  • Mentor and Wellbeing Officer


Emmy Wu is the founder of YES International Education Limited, which offers excellent career advice to international students. A dynamic and approachable individual with active listening and strong problem-solving skills, she helps students with their careers and academic development.

Emmy was a professional teacher in China where the pursuit of excellence in education is inherent in the culture. It was therefore instilled in her to be passionate about lifelong learning.

She is an educator and mentor with over six years' experience working in China and England. She led students to participate in international education programmes in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to broaden their horizons and cultivate their global vision.

Being aware of, and adaptable to, the cultural sensitivities of working with international clients, Emmy is able to work with senior members of various institutions. She is an outstanding communicator and appreciates how to maintain professional confidentiality.



The worth of education is boundless.



Founder & Executive Director

Emmy Wu 吴丹华

Joey Gough

Administrative Assistant

  • MSc Biotechnology & Business

  • Ba Natural Sciences

  • Software Engineer

Specialises in software solutions to increase productivity and throughput.

Andrew Wenger

English Coach & International Consultant

  • Rich experienced teacher

  • Highly qualified English teacher

  • PGCE, CELTA, TEFL-Business certificates

Andy is a very friendly and professional teacher. He has lived and taught English in Spain, Germany, Japan and Sweden.

He is extremely knowledgeable about the language, and how to teach it in an interesting and relevant way.

Abby Xie

Communications Officer - China

  • MSc Business Analytics & Big Data

  • Ba Administrative Management

Abby has experience in HR and International Supply Chain. Abby is acting as Communications Officer and Administrative Assistant For China.